SHOE CARE: Pony Hair Leather

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Pony hair leather is made out of cow skin, not actual ponies. The name comes from using the side of the hide that has hair, whereas most leather is made from the non-hair side.



Gently brush the shoe with a small hard bristled brush. Depending on how often you wear your shoes, it is advised that you do this at least once a month to reduce the buildup of dirt.

Do not use a polishing wax on our pony hair leather shoes.

The pony hair protects the underlying leather, but we still recommend keeping them out of rain or excessive moisture.



To clean, use a damp cloth without any washing liquids. Use a light swiping motion in the direction of the hair.


Take good care of them

Pony Hair leather is naturally water resistant but it does need looking after. Pony Hair can be damaged by rough usage and if you want it to last a lifetime, which it will, then you need to treat it with respect.

We do not recommend biking or driving a car when wearing your roccamores, as they can be damaged. Local shoemakers can repair most general damages, but take extra care of not scratching the material, as it is unique and can be almost impossible to repair.


How to store them

Leather needs to breathe. Give your shoes a 24h dry-timeout once a week, especially if you wear them daily. Otherwise, the leather can harden and may start to smell.

Store your leather shoes in a cool, dry place. Cold air kills odour, so you can leave your shoes out for a fresher experience, when possible.Never store your shoes in a plastic bag or box; as they can stiffen when leather is not able to breathe.