SHOE CARE: Patent Leather

You'll always make a glamorous and dazzling entry in patent leather shoes! For very special occasions, it's obvious to put on the shiny patent heels. On top of that, the varnish coating protects your feet from water and dirt – an ideal accessory in the unpredictable Scandinavian weather. 

Here's our best advice to take care of your patent heels!



Do not use any sprays or polishing waxes on our patent leather shoes. To clean, use a damp cloth without any washing liquids. Clean with light swiping motions.



Take good care of them

We do not recommend biking or driving a car when wearing your roccamores, as they can be damaged. Local shoemakers can repair most general damages, but take extra care of not scratching the material, as it is unique and can be almost impossible to repair.


How to store them

Store them carefully, with plenty of space around them, as the patent leather may deform if pressured for a long time.