SHOE CARE: Anna Winter Boots

It took a lot of effort to make a boot that is both practical and elegant, but we did it! The Anna Winter Boots are handcrafted from high quality split suede. Follow our shoe care guide, and she will stay with you for a long time!
Regardless of whether you’re searching for practical, elegant or both, our Anna Winter Boots will be ready for your winter adventures.



The boots come with special protective coating, which makes them water-resistant. Therefore, they do not need extra protection. Do not use the roccamore shoe protector spray, or any other spray or protective treatment. Do not use shoe wax or other polishing products.

Do not keep your boots wet for a long time, as it may stain the leather. After contact with water, leave the boots to dry in a warm and well-ventilated place. Do not dry them near a source of heat, such as a radiator or a fireplace.


Take care of them

We do not recommend biking or driving a car when wearing your roccamores, as they can be damaged. Local shoemakers can repair most general damages, but take extra care of not scratching the material, as it is unique and can be almost impossible to repair.



To clean, use a rubber brush (only soft rubber, not a regular suede brush). Clean with light swiping motions, with absolutely no cleaning liquid/detergent.