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maren uthaug

To be a good mum means…

With the upcoming Mother’s Day, we couldn’t help but wonder what does it take to be a good mum. Society’s expectations apart – let’s get real.

Our favourite writer Maren Uthaug from Marens Blog took the whole motherhood on a new level, with a pinch of salt, as per usual. She recently made a hell of a statement, when she borrowed her favourite pair of shoes to her 14 years old daughter for a school ball. Doesn’t it perfectly sum up what being a great mum is about? It’s the little big things from your daily life, right?

maren uthaug

“It’s about sending the oldest daughter to school ball in my almost unused, world’s most beautiful, absolute favourite, expensive shoes,” says Maren in her blog post where she speaks her heart out. Giving away your favourite pair of shoes, knowing the kid will dance the night away in them at a school party is, let us tell you – a badass thing to do. Despite her inner fight – she knew that once the shoes match the dress like a dream, you just have to give in.

So what did she do? Maren womaned up, pulled herself out of a nightmare of broken shoe dreams, warned the young lady about the pure devil of cobblestones, and waved her away wishing her a fun night. So, one medal for bravery and unconditional love here, please.

maren uthaug

Maren’s daughter Kamille rocking a pair of Aura heels

To us, being a good mum is indeed borrowing a pair of your most precious heels to your kids school ball and hoping for the best.

To us being a good mum is being you – being the real, most vulnerable, most amazing you. Being yourself with your perks, struggles, shoe obsessions and all those things which make you be you. It’s about doing the best you can and doing it your way. Because, you mums out there, are doing a hell of a job. We can’t say enough how awesome you are and we will never stop admiring you. Happy Mother’s Day awesome mums!

roccamore girls ♥

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