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roccamore gift card comfortable high heel

gift card

DKK 500.00DKK 2,700.00

The perfect gift for a loved one who is wishing for comfortable handmade high heels. Your roccamore gift card comes in bronze, silver and gold types to match the three prices for roccamore high heels.

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The perfect gift

Roccamore gift cards are here to help you purchase the perfect gift – without choosing the high heels.

Roccamore’s comfortable high heel shoes are validated by scientific research to distribute the pressure and increase the forefoot comfort. M.D. Jeannette Penny from the Clinical Orthopaedic Research Hospital of Hvidovre tested roccamore heels against both regular stilettos and sneakers – and the results were astonishing!

“Millions of women could benefit if shoe manufactures used this knowledge to make simple modifications”

The pressure on a foot wearing roccamore shoes was measured to be 19-26% lower in the forefoot than a normal stiletto. The pressure in the arch was measured to be 44% higher, offering almost the same arch support than sneakers for a more balanced pressure distribution while walking. Read more about the study (in Danish) here.

If you purchase a card of lower value than the roccamore high heel your loved one wants to purchase, please get in contact with us via email: 

Roccamore gift cards are valid for one year from the date of purchase.

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