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Our Heroine – Yvonne

She might not always be stylish, but she’s our fashion heroine. The Character Yvonne from the Olsen Banden films has a unique and colorful style, and she goes all in with her hats, her dresses AND her shoes. We’re just waiting to ad the perfect Yvonne-shoe to the roccamore collection, and it has to be colorful and flowery.

She’s very opinionated and she’s not afraid to speak her mind. The three guys in the gang may not listen to her, but she is always right – in the end ūüėČ Say usually says: “Hvad sagde jeg!” (I told you so), and then¬†Egon explodes in anger and says: “Ti stille, sindsyge kvindemenneske” ¬†(shut up you crazy hag).

roccamore fashion heroines

Our favorite quotes

We’ve collected some of our favorite Yvonne quotes to brighten your day and to make you strong and willful even on those days where you’d rather stay in bed.

1. Spanish is easy. You just have to say the Sp-/Danish words with confidence like Yvonne:

– “Los fiskos, los salatos, los kotelettos, los vinos blankos og los Coca-Colos.” (speaks for itself¬†????)

2. Aging is easy. No reason to sulk.

– “…og n√•r man kommer op i vores alder, har man jo kun resten af livet tilbage.”
(and when you reach our age you’ll just have the rest of your life left)

3. You might be a mother, a wife, a daughter or an entrepreneur, but don’t forget to be a woman.

– “Der kommer et tidspunkt i enhver kvindes liv, hvor hun m√• blomstre og folde sig ud og v√¶re kvinde.”
(There comes a time in a woman’s life where she’ll blossom and unfold and be a woman)

roccamore fashion heroines

God all mighty. Such silliness!

4. Giving good advice – even though it’s not appreciated – is easy.

– “Egon, jeg tror godt jeg ved, hvad der er i vejen med dig. Du har storartede id√©er, storartede, det m√• man sige. Det der er i vejen med dig, det er, at du aldrig har nogen plan. Det begynder s√• godt, og s√• ender det hele i skuddermudder, fordi der aldrig er nogen plan i det du foretager dig. Der kunne du godt l√¶re lidt af os husm√łdre.
(Egon, I know what’s wrong with you. You have great ideas, you have to say. What’s wrong with you, is that you don’t have a plan. It all starts so well and then it all turns bad, because you don’t have a plan. You could learn from us housewives)¬†

5. If nothing else works then take Yvonne’s advice:

-“Vi kommer nok til at have noget mere is, nogle flere glas og noget mere vodka.”
(we’ll need some more ice, some more glasses and some more vodka)

roccamore ????

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