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Comfortable high heels

Why do we have to sacrifice ourselves for fashion? We want it all – Many women put themselves at stake wearing high heels – just to be stylish and fashionable.  We want to be feminine, while we often ignore the discomfort high heels can cause.

Feet in martini glass full of ice

I love to put on a beautiful dress and go dancing, have dinner or whatever plans I have for the evening – I would never walk out the door in a dress I didn’t feel comfortable in. But when talking about shoes it’s a different story! But why don’t we choose  a pair of high heels that are comfortable to wear all night, every time we go out – you don’t want your high heels to tell you when it’s time to go home, do you? I definitely don’t 🙂

I believe that we all once had found ourself hobbling home from an evening wearing a pair of stilettos that you just had to have even though they were far from comfortable. No one I know want to wear shoes that doesn’t compliment your outfit – I often find high heels as the most appropriate accessory to complete my look.

I know high heels empower me, and they make me feel beautiful – this is why I love to wear heels. I put on a pair of high heels almost every day at my job, but most of all in the evening when I go out. To me it has become very important to find fashionable and feminine high heels that I’m able to wear every day – all day. I cherish my feet and want to treat them with comfortable shoes, which give them the best support possible. One thing I always try to remember is to even out the weight on my feet – I can hear my yoga teachers voice in my head – he always say; even your weight on feet and lift your arches it will give you a greater posture and a is much more comfortable for your feet 🙂

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