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Christmas gift ideas for HER

Many say, that it’s easier to come up with a great gift idea for women rather than for men – and we agree. Kind of. Even if she’s your best friend and you know her like the palm of your hand – simply, not every woman has the same taste. We don’t like the same products – some of us wear makeup, others love their faces bare. Some of us are fans of flat shoes, others can’t get enough of heels. Some like silver, the other ones wouldn’t wear anything but gold. So you finally made up your mind that you’ll give her a nice piece of jewellery… but wait – is she a minimalist or bohème chic? Easy right? 

red ribbon

Well, well. We are here to give you a little help. What about giving her a classic, timeless, elegant piece? Whether it would be jewellery, handbag, shoes, or whatever she’d like – go for something special, but make sure she will be able to use it pretty much with every style. We’re talking about clean cuts, elegance mixed with casual style, simple design elevated by details to a whole new level. Unique items, which she will keep forever and care of with love – because it was a gift from you.

As there are some picky women in our roccamore team, we put our heads together and selected a few pieces from Scandinavian brands that we love, which made it to our Christmas wishlist for this year. Hopefully, we’ll succeed to give you some inspiration!

gift ideas

  1. Gitte-Steel Mesh Watch, Skagen, 2. Two Stones Ring, Mumbai Stockholm, 3. White Forest Scented Candle, Björk & Berries, 4. Chained Leather Saddle Bag, &OtherStories, 5. Sheer Transformation, Ole Henriksen, 6. Brass Bracelet, Triwa, 7. Earcuffs, Vibe Hasløf , 8. Hersilia Heels, roccamore.

And if you’re still looking for some extra more inspiration, the lovely Tuni from Metropolife prepared a wonderful ønskeliste, where she not only featured our lovely shoes but also other great Danish brands!


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