A sexy pair of heels has the power to make us tower over men and feel like power houses. The clicking of the heels gives us attention and makes us look sexy as hell. But that’s not the total truth; because most heels are tiny foot torture chambers, wearing them is a skill, and takes a lot of effort... sure when you first try them on at the store they are oh so beautiful... that show they get you. You take them home and decide to wear them out, they still make you look amazing, but OUCH! When you get to where you’re going, you sit down and don’t ever want to get up again, but of course in most social situation that would be rude, so you get up again to mingle or whatever, only to realize that your feet have melted. As the evening goes on you may start considering your life choices and wonder if death is your only way out. Of course it isn’t, you could just take those shoes off! But you don’t, you wear them again or buy more beautiful shoes, and that is just pure shoe-pid-i-ty.

The fact is that beautiful shoes make us happy. When it comes to heels we often abandon common sense! How many times when in pain and discomfort have you sworn off heels? Only to cave in the next time you see a pair of gorgeous shoes staring at you from the store window, calling your name, beckoning you to try them on while promising you beauty, power and invincibility - and there you go again. So what is the solution since the odds of you letting go of your shoe fetish are slim to none and everyone knows that flats are for quitters?

What if I told you it doesn’t have to be like that? You don’t have to change your stubborn shoepid ways, just change your shoe brand. roccamore are made for women that love heels, but hate sore feet (that’s pretty much everyone).

The sole was developed using the orthopedic technology of sports insoles and although that doesn’t sound super sexy, it kind of is. The sole is integrated into the design and there is NO COMPROMISE on the sexiness of the shoes. You can have comfort, grace and a wicked pair of heels!

Try a pair of roccamore – you’d be shoepid not to.