Are you our next event and tour manager?

Roccamore is growing and we're looking for an Event/ Tour Manager to run our showroom and popup events around Scandinavia.

CPH Showroom

In the Showroom, you will get a budget and sales targets to meet. The overall mission is to:
  • Create the best experience for our customers in the Showroom
  • Make partnerships with companies to offer their female employees good deals. Hosting events for them either in the Showroom or at their workplace
  • Create cool events in the Showroom to cater the customers, like Valentines Treats, Xmas specials etc.
  • Make partnerships with other stores for co-branding and co-events
  • Attract new customer groups
  • Work in the showroom, run the part-timers and hire more staff when needed

Roccamore Tour

For the Tour, you will also get a budget and a sales target. The mission here is:
  • Design and plan 6-8 popup events per year around Denmark, Sweden and Norway   
  • Create sponsorships and partnerships with brands with same customer audience 
  • Hoste the events and drive the car with shoes in between the events
  • Build a small group of freelance staff to work at the events.
  • Establish partnerships with stores that we can ship shoes to
We offer you a place in our small, very fun and international team of 5 people, based in the Showroom at Vester Voldgade 96, and a startup-friendly and commision based salary. You need to have a driver's license and preferably speak some Danish.
Interested? Send an email to if you have questions.

About the brand

  • Roccamore is a Danish luxury brand that makes high heel shoes with custom-designed orthopedic soles and the first in the world to get a scientifically validated of the comfort.
  • Launched as a kickstarter campaign in December 2014, roccamore raised 330.000 DKK in just 30 days and was Denmark's first successful campaign with a female founder.
  • The first commercial collection landed in September 2016. The shoes are produced in Tuscany, Italy, in the same factories, such as Prada and Valentino user.
  • Models are developed and tested in close collaboration with customers, where online votes determine what should be produced and preorders show the actual trends. In the future, it is the plan that customers themselves should be able to crowd their shoes and have even greater influence on the design as well as having the opportunity to customize details.