How we design with our customers

Roccamore is a small brand, so we have to be smart, in order to survive in
today’s crowded market. To make sure we keep the design interesting and
relevant for our customers, we include them in the designing process, from
beginning to end. All new shoes are developed based on customer needs and
dreams, and colors, as well as materials, are chosen online by customer votes.


Frederikke just loves designing with our customers


This way of working optimizes the design while staying in touch with customer
needs and minimize dead stock. Most luxury brands will burn dead stock rather
than having too many sales that will hurt the brand value.


One of Frederikke's favourite customer design

Finding the right materials is really hard. If you want to produce sustainable and
can’t afford to color you own batches of leather, you have to use what is already
available. Tuscany has some of the best tanneries in the world and it’s the place
where you can find almost anything, but as a small brand you are always served


The perk, though, is that you can work with much smaller quantities and leftover
stock from the big brands. Material that would otherwise be burned because
certain colors are seasonal and specially developed for a client that doesn’t want
anyone else to have it. This season, we got our hands on some amazing green
suede from Prada (used for our Charlie)  and a deep red velvet-suede from
Valentino (used for our Grace). The materials are only enough for limited editions,
often around 50 pairs, which only just makes your roccamores even more