The ULTIMATE shoe care guide

We have collected all shoe care tips that we can think of so that you can take the best possible care of your beautiful roccamore girls.

Before using

1.Spray your shoes all over the surface to protect the leather. Use a suede/leather combination spray, keep it 20cm from the shoe and spray as straight as possible. Let them dry for at least 12h and repeat once a month for optimal protection.  


2. After buying your beauties they will adjust to your feet, but should wish them to expand more or do you not have the patience to wait for it, you can always get them block by a shoemaker. Block only half a size at a time and maybe block twice, rather than stretch them too much from the start. In Copenhagen we work well with Hælebaren City

3. Another way of making your shoes fit you perfectly, is to break them in with moist socks on. Leather adapts easier when damp. Walk for a couple of hours, the leave the socks in the toe overnight and you should wake up to a perfect fit.

4. Obviously keep you shoes away from excessive heat, rain, snow, sleet, hail, and other liquid hazards, but should the inevitable occur, then allow them to dry out naturally, don't ever put them close to the radiator as it would melt the glue and ruin the shoes. Newspapers can also help to absorb the moist if the weather was really mean to you.

5. Roccamore shoes all have leather soles because they adapt better to your foot and create a higher comfort all together. But, leather soles are a bit delicate. A little rain won't hurt them, but everyday use in heavy rain will make the leather expand and eventually break down into pieces. Salt will completely kill you soles as it will eat away the material almost right away, so avoid salt as much as possible and take care of heavy rain.

6. If you want to use your roccamores outside, in everyday weather, you should take them to the shoemaker and get rubber soles put underneath. Do remember to wear the shoes a couple of weeks first, before putting the rubber sole on, since the rubber doesn't allow the shoes to expand further and form around your foot.

7. Don't ever use a suede brush for your shoes. It will only tear the material and pull out the smaller fiber to eventually create holes in it. Those brushes are for heavier footwear like Timberlands etc.  


8. Give your shoes a 24h dry out once a week – leather needs to breathe. Otherwise, it will get hard on surface and start to smell.

9. Store your leather shoes in a cool, dry place. Cold air also kills the smelliness, so leave your shoes out for a fresher experience ;)

10. Avoid using plastic or non-breathable covers - Never store your shoes in a plastic bag or box!  

How to clean

11. Should you get mud or stains on your suede shoes, you might get it off by holding the shoes over a pot of boiling water. The steam will loosen the dirt and make it easy to remove. Then just wipe away the dirtiness with a damp cloth.

12. For a glossy finish, polish the leather on the shoes with polishing spray or wax. Should you spill on a lighter shoe, you can also darken the leather with a darker toned wax.  

To sum up: The BIG no-no's

13. Salt that is thrown on the streets is your number one enemy during very cold weather. It can decay your shoes’ leather soles.

14. Do not dry shoes under a radiator it will melt the glue inside the shoes and make them lose their original fit.

15. Do not try to clean suede with a brush - use steam from boiling water or a damp cloth.   Looking for shoe-care tips specifically for winter? Check out this post about how to keep your roccamores safe during cold weather  :)