The best version of yourself?

Feeling down, uncomfortable and not on top of your game? Are you sick of all these long articles offering you plenty of great advice on how to rock your day? Ones telling you how easy it is to wake up at 5 am, totally do a full on morning work out, prep food for dinner, meditate, send kids to school, do household chores, ideally a cool makeup in between, and even find time to write down reflections on another awesome day when you are supposed to just slay! Well, we've all seen these and no, all this "be the best you can be" translated into "be the perfect woman" (or rather "a perfectly fake woman") attitude won't ever make me feel comfortable with myself and very likely, neither will you. So let's stop right there ladies and crack the code on how to genuinely feel good about ourselves and be genuinely our best self. Because we don't need to be superwomen to be actually killing it in real life, right? Yes, we do need these little things which will make us feel better, however, I believe we don't need to turn our entire world upside down to feel like we're doing your best. 1. Let go! First of all, even if it's hard, let go of all society's expectations, judgements and criticism. In the end of the day, it's you who has to live in your skin, isn't it? Your well-being is your priority. After all, it affects both you and your loved ones. Even though often advice and opinions of others help and inspire us, there're limits to everything. So what that you didn't manage to do that laundry which has been laying in the corner for over a week, clean your apartment just yet, treat yourself with a facial and read that book you planned to read last month? It's fine and definitely nobody's business, so just let go and do you. 2. Embrace simple healthy habits  Confused about all the crazy diets, superfoods you never heard of and the pressure to stay fit? Well, hello. No one has time to be in the gym precisely four times a week, cook the alkaline's diet perfectly balanced meal, experiment with new recipes and still have social life. Our advice? Keep it simple. If you don't have time to digest all the gastronomic novelties, just stick with local superfoods, incorporate them into your diet, maybe invest in a cookbook full of simple dishes with ingredients you can actually get in the store next door. Work out, but don't push yourself too hard. Even a 20 min home workout twice during your crazy busy week counts. Better than nothing no? 3. Go for a walk I believe the feeling you have while being in nature is one of a kind. Breathing in its beauty, wildness and the feeling of unlimited freedom. There's no better way to look into yourself, unwind and free from the noises of the outer world. However, very often us, real people, can't always go for a walk by sea or to the nearby forest. Instead, go for a walk around your neighbourhood, a nearby park will or get lost in the unexplored streets of your city. Walks are so rewarding and you don't always have to go on a trip mission when you simply don't have time. If you're not feeling the freezing cold outside, do a few minutes indoor meditation. You don't need to be a meditation guru to relax, there're so many apps out there which can help you to do a quick evening session (usually, I fall asleep halfway through - but hey, I tried). 4. Quality time with people you love No matter how cliché this sounds, this is something worth investing your time into, no matter what. People you love matter most and making sure you spend as much time with them as you only can, will prosper to all of you. These are the people who mean the world to you, so spending some quality time with them will surely be an instant mood booster. 5. Dress up and feel confident I dislike nothing more than seeing #iwokeuplikethis photos of perfectly looking people ready to take on their day. And unless you were gifted with the perfect genes and lucky to have a personal stylist, you'll actually have to get ready, dress up and go see the world. I say don't worry about latest makeup trends or this season's must haves. Wear what you feel comfortable and confident in. On a particularly bad day, put on that lipstick and a pair of heels and go out like you own it. And you will. Because even though you have that messy corner of your flat, no food in the fridge whatsoever, meetings throughout the entire day like there's no tomorrow and your weekend plans are still just distant future - you're doing the best you can.