Survive cold weather with these shoecare tips

It's cold outside, you can hear the wind howling and it just started to rain (or even snow!), but you still want to wear your roccamores while taking good care of them? Follow these five shoecare tips to survive whatever cold weather you are facing and still have well-kept roccamores.

1. Watch out for salt on the street

  Salt being thrown in the streets is your number one enemy during very cold weather. It can decay your shoes' leather soles, so either keep your roccamores tucked nicely at home or take them to the shoemaker to get rubber soles underneath your pretty pair.

2. Hop over deep puddles

jumping into puddle   This one seems obvious, but many ladies still walk straight into deep puddles over and over again. Avoid submerging your heels in lots of water, otherwise the leather can over-expand and the rubber insole inside the shoe can detach.

3. Avoid radiators

    Extreme heat closeby can lead to the glue inside the shoes losing its strength, which then makes the shoes lose their original fit. Keep your lovely roccamores away from radiators, if wet, let them dry out by themselves - keep them cool!

4. Respect the heel cap

  Walking down the street and suddenly feel like your heel cap fell off? No worries! Heel caps can sometimes fall off and shoemakers can easily fix your shoes with new ones, but be sure to get new heel caps on as soon as possible. If you don't,  your heels could suffer irreversible damage (ouch :/ )

5. Clean suede over boiling water

  The big, often unknown, no-nos of cleaning suede heels are brushing or wiping dirt off. To avoid a catastrophe, put a pan with water to boil, hold your dirty shoes over the boiling water for a while so the leather's pores open up, and then just wipe up the dirtiness with a damp cloth. Never use the little brush you can buy "especially for suede" in so many places.   Looking for more shoecare tips? Look forward to Summer by learning how to walk in high heels when it's warm