Suit up, Ladies!

It all started with Yves Saint Laurent in the 60s, who designed a bold alternative for female festive wear: Le Smoking, the first suit for women.  

Not even allowed in restaurants ?

Women in suits were so controversial that only a few restaurants and bars allowed female guest wearing suits inside. Although, later Le Smoking became such an icon that YSL manifested the it in all fashion collections in one way of the other. Every year YSL makes different interpretations of the tuxedo, with varying styles, fabrics and colors.  

It's back!

After some time in the shadows, suits for women are finally back in style, but with much more power. The female power suit had a leading role during the past fashion month, showing up on the runway of Marc Jacobs,  Alexander Wang, Tibi, and many more. It is now used as a statement for women empowerment and individual asserted power. High-profile figures such as Beyonce, Hillary Clinton and Emma Watson are of course wearing them.


Suits + Heels = YES, PLEASE!

But what is the power suit without a parit of heels? Not much, we would say. A pair of heels that stay with you for the whole day, night or weekend is the perfect match to the power suit. Confidence to us is not only about looking good, but also about feeling comfortable with your self and the shoes and clothing you are in. These are our three top choices to match with your power suit, check them out by clicking on the image :)