Spice up your heels!

We define our designs as classic and timeless and they can definitely be great staples for any lady's wardrobe. However, did you know you can spice them up? We took one of our favourite heels Blue Louise and Black Aura as these styles might seem a bit too elegant or "too sexy" to some - especially when thinking of wearing it casually during the day. So we accepted the challenge, got creative and transformed them with adding a few details! 1. Flower folk It's spring time and we see flowers everywhere! What about elevating that a step up? We love these laces with folk motives - they freshen Blue Louise up and give the blue suede a fresh, spring look. roccamore shoescomfortable high heels 2. In trend!  You don't always need to change the entire wardrobe just because there's a new trend this season. It's much easier and fun to just incorporate bits of your favourite trends into your own style, isn't it? Gingham is really big this season and it just adds a bit of oomph to any outfit or look. gingham trend 3. Simple and Chic  Classic clean, leather strings are a great accessory to make even the most "evening" shoe usable for your casual days in the office. They are still a statement pair, but a lot more wearable on a daily basis - it all boils down to your own styling. We combined it with some fishnets and ruffled jeans, but this look also fits business style really well! comfortable high heels 4. Fashionista  Black stiletto and velvet red - we believe there's no better, classy and chic combination out there. You can spice up your shoe this way for a special night out, event or on those colder autumn days when you're wrapped in velvet, earthy tones and thicker materials. velvet high heels   5. Tone it down  In case of doubt, we like to go with nudes - beiges, dusty pinks, light browns, greys. A light beige lace is a nice way how to tone your look down, but still, have that little pop of colour. comfortable high heels 6. Sporty  We guess that when you first saw these two styles, you wouldn't have guessed you could pull them off as a more toned down sporty pair - well so didn't we, until we tried to change their satin strings for sporty ones instead! Whether you go for classic white, or rather blue or black - it's up to you! laces How do you spice up your heels? Let us know in comments ♥