Size 42 – yes please!


After producing and testing out two models in size 42, we have unfortunately decided to discontinue the production of bigger sizes. The reason is simply because the demand is too small and the production is too expensive. This isn't goodbye forever, but it is goodbye for now. Thank you for understanding! 🌸

Maybe you think it’s because we don’t like big feet, maybe you think we don’t care about them. Nothing is further from the truth. We love ALL feet (as much as you can love feet) and think that all women deserve pretty shoes and especially comfortable high heels.  

The ugly truth

Italians have small feet. That’s it, that’s the reason. It’s unfair and a bit surreal that they haven’t considered that some feet grow outside Italian sizes, but they really haven’t. This means that all components, shapes and machines in Italy have been developed to only go up to size 41. And the Italians do make the best shoes in the world, so this is where you go for quality.  

Cheating is easy

Some brands cheat. They use the size 41 and just “pull it” into a size 42, 43 or even 44. This will ruin the proportions of the shoe and the fit – and make it look more like a boat than a shoe. Not really what you dream about having on your feet…  

Anything is possible

Obviously, money can buy anything and if you want to do it right, you have to develop a stamp of each heel size, shape size and necessary machine. That’s a lot of money. With roccamore I want to set new standards, promote slow fashion and customer engagement. So, obviously I’m hearing you, when you’re asking for who-knows-what-time if I can’t make bigger sizes, but I don’t have the money for it. Yet.  

The plan

So, this is what we are going to do. I’m working on a prototype of my block heel model in size 42. Both boots and pumps. Once they are ready, we’ll invite all you great ladies to come by the showroom try the prototype and pre-order the shoe you like, if you like it. We need a certain amount of pre-orders (haven’t calculated it yet) to afford the production. As soon as we hit the target, we’ll start the production, and, if you want, continue this process with other models.  

Love, Frederikke