Shoe Guide 1: How to take care of shoes when it's cold

You just purchased a pair of the absolute dream shoes and can't wait to take them out for a strut around the city? The weather is still far from spring and you're worried that you'll destroy them? Oh yeah, we've been through the horror of coming home with half-ruined shoes googling what on earth to do?! Well, no more. We put together a Shoe Guide no. 1 with a few tips on how to take care of your shoes, from the designer of our roccamores - Frederikke, so there won't be any more shoe emergency! Just read on. First thing first - when you're researching your next purchase, look at the quality and comfort of your new statement shoes, before falling in love with them! (always, always and always). This wake you'll not only make sure you won't hurt your wallet for a bad purchase, but you'll get a lot more wear of your new beauties. Second - treat them right! When it comes to treating your shoes right, there are 5 crucial steps you shouldn't miss: 1. You buy your beauties and you wear them - so they'll be able to adjust to your feet. Take them to a shoemaker a week later and get an extra sole in them. 2. Spray your shoes all over their surface once a month to protect the leather. Use a suede - leather combination spray and let them dry at least for 12h. 3. Give your shoes a 24h dry out once a week - leather needs to breathe. Otherwise, it will get hard on surface. 4. Never store your shoes in a plastic bag or box! 5. If your shoes get soaked in rain stuff newspapers in them and make sure they are dried away from direct heat. Once you fall in love with the pair of your dream shoes - as in any relationship, you need to take care of them with love. So make sure to give them that little extra!Do you have some tips which you have been using? Share them with us! roccamore ♥