roccamore does Christmas

Christmas is around the corner and we are all slowly getting into the festive mood. The roccamore team comes from all over the world and we all celebrate the merriest holidays of the year in our own way. We do it all - from the most comforting food to the funniest Christmas traditions! Have a read and find out how we celebrate Christmas in Denmark, Italy, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Colombia, and Brazil! Frederikke Frederikke is from Denmark - and for us, her non-Danish team, it will always be surprising, to see real candles lit up on real Christmas tree (well, hello, there's fire in my living room!) and it will always be oh so cute, to imagine a Danish family hopping around the Christmas tree singing songs. How cute! candles on christmas tree However, married to an Italian, she had a chance to explore the Italian tradiions as well! Italians eat lentils during New Year's Eve, because they believe it'll bring more money in the new year. They also wear red underwear that night for good luck, so Frederikke's annual, a-bit-too-intimate Christmas present form her mother-in-law is always what? Yes, ladies, a set of red underwear! red underwear Marsela As you know from our team blog post, Marsela is our new addition to the Social Media team and she's Colombian. In Colombia, the Christmas time officially starts on 7th December on the Day of Candles. The tradition of light is the way to honour the Virgin Mother as the light of the world. On this day Colombians decorate their balconies, streets, parks and squares with candles and paper lanterns and people love to watch the light show filled with peaceful atmosphere. Noche de las velitas New Year's Eve is another story though! Girls make sure they'll wear yellow underwear as the new year starts as this colour is linked to wealth & and fertility. It's a colour which lets Colombians look at life with optimism, faith and with good energy of the sun so they can kick off the new year with some good vibes! yellow underwear Jana Jana is from Slovakia and oh well, the Slovak Christmas Eve could be summed up in two words: family and the feast! The dinner table has everything from the sweet, through the sour to the alcoholic. The main dish of the evening is a fried fish with potato salad - a delicious treat indeed, but as many Slovaks tend to power through their meal to get to the dessert, a bone can get stuck here and there and they end up in a Christmas Eve emergency room! And did I mention that the fish (usually a carp) is swimming in the families' bathtub for a day or so prior to Christmas Eve? Oh yes, kids love it. kapor vo vani Slovaks also bring some Christmas traditions into life during the Christmas Eve dinner, which starts at 5 o'clock. One of them is putting a carp scale under the plate before the dinner starts, wishing that it brings enough money to the person throughout the upcoming year. Another thing which can't be missing at a dinner of many families is whole walnuts - usually, the grandma in the family comes up and throws one into each corner - to make sure abundance and well-being will never be missing during the coming year. walnuts Read more: Gift guide for your man Milena As Milena is from Bulgaria, she eats purely plant-based food on Christmas Eve. This tradition comes from more religious times when people used to do a pre-Christmas fast and ate non-animal products for 40 days leading up to Christmas! There should always be 7, 11 or 13 dishes at the table, one of which is a bread with charms. Usually, people hide a coin in the bread and the person who gets the coin will have luck and prosperity during the upcoming year!     christmas food It's also typical that people would wear something new for Christmas Eve, as they sit around the table. It can be anything from clothes to underwear or accessories! And that's why Milena's grandma always used to buy her a pair of new socks and  made sure she'd wear them for dinner - even if the socks would be the only new item on her outfit! Eduardo In Brazil, they traditionally make a lot of dishes with nuts for Christmas. Rice with nuts, duck with nuts, everything with nuts. They also make a delicious dessert called Rabanada, which is a Brazilian-style french toast. rabanada Read more: Gift ideas for your mum & grandma May your Christmas be merry and bright! roccamore ♥