Quality comes at a price

Covid is making everything more complex. You probably know this, but maybe you don’t know what this added complexity means for a small shoe brand like roccamore.

All our shoes are produced in Italy by some of the best shoemakers in the world. They are handmade with high-quality materials and as sustainable as we can possibly make them. In short, we care about people and the planet, so much in fact, that we have Cradle-to-Cradle certified our heels, as the first brand in the world, and gotten a gold certificate for our social fairness. 

A roccamore shoe takes 6 months to design, develop and produce, and travels through the hands of 17 people and approx. 22 steps. We only work with the best, and our shoes are built to last. We believe that lifetime quality, healthy labor, sustainable production, and slow fashion are the future, and we're not about to change that, which is why we have to change our prices.

Exclusive materials 

In covid times everything is more expensive. There is a new scarcity of raw materials that the world has never seen before and everyone is fighting to get what they need to produce. People are constantly sick and in Italy, the quarantine after a covid infection is 25 days, so workforces are constantly down. 

When you produce shoes, your value chain is a long line of sub-suppliers, all making their pieces of the final product. Each component comes from a factory specializing only in that. So, when the zipper factory is down and can’t attach the zipper to our boot, everything stands still. Nobody else can do it and there is no way of moving ahead before this step is completed. We wait, and the longer we wait, the more expensive everything becomes.

A production under pressure

Production windows are doubled or even tripled in time, because of the extra waiting at each step. This is messing with the factory’s capacity planning and more workers have to be hired or booked for longer periods of time. Electricity prices have escalated and products like nylon sewing thread and metal parts are suddenly impossible to get because of the petrol crisis and general shipping difficulties. It’s a mess.

Factories are closing down all around us, because brands are pulling out, not paying their bills or because the factory can’t secure enough components and deliver what was promised. At roccamore, we have always had a very strong relationship with our factories. We’re still working with the first factory that took a chance on us, now as their biggest client, and we’re fighting to keep all our factories in business. We split our productions into smaller batches, creating a steadier workflow for the factory, we pay upfront as often as possible and invest in the heavy stock of components. We place orders with 30-40 days longer lead times and we are constantly optimizing our designs with the component scarcity in mind. 

In short, we fight. And, we hope you will fight with us.

Read more about the prices in our Terms and Conditions, and contact customer service for any questions you might have.