Name our new shoes!

You ladies who have been with us for a while already know, that here in roccamore, we care about two things more than anything: comfortable high heels and our community.  Already when we started our brand, we started meeting so many of you ladies - unique, talented, warm-hearted and inspirational women. You are the women we're making the shoes for. So initially, we knew we want to keep you close and decided to name our shoes after you, real women. We named every shoe in our collection after one of you - each of them is unique, different, herself, just like you - have a look: Blue Louise Annastasia Lisa Lake   This time we decided that we want you to be the part of the process, already from the beginning. You ladies voted for your favourite colours in the new collection - so we had to include them. It's all because we are a roccamore community and we want you to be a part of our design process - from the beginning to the end, and your feedback, comments, and ideas are always appreciated here. You have been truly great to us - supportive, honest, critical. So we want to give something back again and let your voice be heard even more. That's why we would like you to name our shoes this time as well! Name it after a real wonder woman who inspires you, empowers you and who you admire. Tell us about her and our new shoes might get her name! roccamore ♥