Modern Feminism: real life heroines

You might have noticed that we added something new in our weekly newsletterswe talked about a special woman and a word which best describes her. Aren't you sick of rubbish articles, royal family gossips or listicles with clever advice how to lose weight? We are, so we want to make a change and speak up for women which should be heard. For us, these women are the real life celebrities and everyday heroines and we want to talk about them. We decided to start these small "newsletter series" with one young, fierce girl with balls: Emma Holten. Emma is a girl who decided pretty fairly on what her fight in society will be about. When she was 17, when she became a victim of non-consensual pornography and subject to online bullying and shaming. Instead of giving in, she decided to stand up strong and respond boldly - by making her own nude photos and publishing them online. She took the control back and stood up for herself (click for video):

Someone stole naked pictures of me. This is what I did about it. 

The story went viral and today, she works as an online human rights activist, editor, teacher and inspirational speaker working to enlighten society on violations of privacy. Audacious, bold and badass. That's the impression we have from Emma, what about you? For us, it's all about women who live in reality of every day, keep up with their fight for what they think is right and try to change the world for better - whether it's the way you express yourself through fashion or fighting for gender equality. Every week we'll serve you "snacks of inspiration" from these real life heroines, so don't forget to sign up! Prints: Akiko da Silva