Let's share sisterhood love for Valentine's

So Valentine's coming and we'll probably witness the presence of lots of cheesy ads and hearts in the shopping windows. Not like there's something wrong with love, but you know what we mean. We are into love indeed - and that's why we decided to celebrate it, in a slightly different way. We believe in love in its various forms. One of them is female friendship, which we think is worth throwing a little celebration party for because - the connection we have, the bond we created over the years, the magical, unforgettable moments we shared - from the first boyfriends and heartbreaks, the nights we partied away at college, our first post-uni jobs and finding ourselves, to creating families, struggling and rocking it throughout our careers - we have been through a lot with our girlfriends, who over the years became a family, sisters - and we think such sisterhoods are way to precious. So let's celebrate them in style. To us, sisterhood is a uni girls squad, a group females or a ladies' club - where women stick together no matter what, don't tear each other down but rather stand up for each other, support the other one to watch her grow, go through the good and the bad together and share the love towards one another. One of the core ideas of roccamore is empowering women - we design high quality, comfortable high heels on which women can get out, stand strong and face the world every day. We want to bring women together and make them feel like they're part of our sisterhood. We want to inspire and show them that anything is possible. Therefore to celebrate inspiring, powerful and loving women we invite you to join our sisterhood on Valentine's day and share your love: We are giving you an opportunity to express your creativity and win a pair of shoes for yourself or your girlfriend. All you have to do is to follow us on Pinterest and get creative! The most creative boards will get rewarded and one of you will own a pair of roccamores ♥ pinterest competition roccamore