Let's celebrate womankind!

Despite the 2014's boom in the conversation on women's rights, career choices, new wave feminism and noticeable progress in terms of change and perception of women and their place in the society, there's still a long way to go. There's a neverending debate on women's roles going on everywhere we look and what we can and cannot do. Even though it seems like more and more women are going for it in their professional life, we still haven't cracked the hole into the infamous glass ceiling as recent research show us that only around 5% of CEOs in Fortune 500 companies are women, even though a number of studies (see the McKinsey study) clearly proves companies benefit from gender diverse environment. The question is why is that? Ever since we can remember we were told that it's in our nature to be caregivers, homestay mums, housewives. Well, is it? My girlfriends are coming from a variety of backgrounds, different countries, and cultures - and guess what? They're ambitious IT students, badass lawyers, geeky biologists, passionate bloggers. They're girly girls, sporty girls, grungy girls, party girls, girl bosses. Even when looking back at history - yes, it was us women who played a significant role in rebuilding the countries post-World War II. And even then women were limited in terms of what jobs they could do and struggled with unequal pay. In post-WW II. Italy, women were the main workforce in many of its fabrics which fell down due to a massive fire in the country and where lots of women lost their lives. As a tribute to the Italian heroines, people started celebrating women on 8th March by giving them a yellow mimosa flower. What is today known as International Women's Day is also associated to  March 8, 1857 when a strike by garment workers in New York led to the formation of the first women's union in the United States. 60 years later, Russian women led a strike calling for "bread and peace" during the twin horrors of World War I and the Russian Revolution. In 1945 the Union of Italian Women declared that March the 8th should be set as a day to celebrate womanhood across the country. Despite the story behind it, many see celebrating of women as gender unequal and even discriminating. Is it really? Is it wrong to celebrate women who stood up when their fundamental human rights were oppressed? Is it wrong to celebrate women for demanding equality and same respect as men? Is it wrong to celebrate the everyday heroines who brought lives into this world, often are challenged by absurd stereotypes, face body shaming and still need to keep it together to reach society's expectations. Ladies, we don't think so. Every single one of you deserves to be celebrated for doing what you're doing, going for it and making it through every day with your head up high. In celebration of all of you badass girls, we want to give you something - an advice, inspiration, empathy or a bit of a good time! As our designer Frederikke is all about that, she'll go LIVE on Instagram on 8th March (tomorrow) at 12:00 and 21:00 to talk everything womanhood with you. So tune in and meet us there ♥