Gifts ideas for your mum & grandma

Mums, grandmas, mothers-in-law, aunties, godmothers - all of these women are important for us and we want to treat them to a nice Christmas gift, don't we? We women always say it's so easy to pick a gift for us, but is it really true? We all love different things - some of us are fashionistas, others are the opposite. Some of us love to bake, while others are tech nerds. Some of us love black, others wouldn't go through a day without a vibrant colour. And that's why we put together a good Christmas gift list to give you some inspiration! We're on the classy, safe but still creative and quality side this year, curating a list of gifts which will please any mum's or granny's eye. Something she can pamper herself with or make her home feel cozier. What's better than a time for herself with a little face mask on anyways? So here are our ideas on gifts for our beloved mums, grandmas and other badass ladies! 1. Candle & constellation carousel by Dyptique dyptique 2. 3 Little Wonders Holiday by Ole Henriksen  ole henriksen 3. Terre de Lumière perfume by L'Occitane  l'occitane 4. Eat Smart by Niomi Smart niomi smart

Have you met our newly arrived Red Lucy, Black Lucy and Isabella?

5. Burgundy Wallet by Belsac belsac wallet 6. Hammershøi Teapot Indigo by Kähler kahler design 7. A Sublime Organic Infusions Selection by Clipper Tea clipper tea We can also help you get inspired for gift ideas for your fashionista friend roccamore ♥