Christmas gifts for business women

She's killing it at work and it feels like she's just got it all. She's a working woman who knows what she wants and how to get it. Oh yeah, and she also seems to be killing it style-wise. So what on Earth can you give her for Christmas? Even though this friend of yours sometimes looks like nothing in this world will please here, don't worry. First of all, remember that at the end of the day, she's just one of us and she will love a gift from you! Second of all, despite the first point, choose wisely. You' ll most likely please a businesswoman with something of high quality, something that is practical and useful. Just think of how busy she can be during a single day, and you'll get the gist of it. Now, let's get into the gifts! 1. Little Black Book: A toolkit for working women by Othega Uwagba This is a modern career guide every working woman should own - whether she's rocking it in a big corporation or starting up her own business. This pink book gathers fresh ideas and practical advice from women who've made it in a variety of industries. It's simply a businesswoman's must have! little black book 2. 12-Month Daily Planner by Moleskine Every aspiring girl boss or an experienced business lady needs a solid notebook to keep track of all the meetings. Despite the existence of at least million time management apps out there, we think a classic leather Moleskine notebook will never go out of style and the businesswoman in your life will probably agree. moleskine 3. Velvet Matte Lip Pencil Duo by Nars A good lipstick can be both a nice treat or a perfect pick-up on the worst work day. A woman on the go will need a long-lasting lipstick which will be easy to apply and well, this Nars set is the perfect package. Classic but statement colours, easy to apply and look at the packaging! We think it's screaming every badass lady's name. Nars lipsticks 4. Well Wishing Travel Mug by Anthropologie  First coffee, then we can talk. That's how it works in our office. We're stronger believers in having your magic potion poured into your favourite mug - it's somehow a total game changer, you feel both so much comfort and get energised at the same time. A business lady is always running around the office, solving the world out - so why not giving her the ultimate stylish twist on a takeaway coffee cup?! anthropologie 5. GLD01 Earphones by Le Cord When working we all love to listen to music every now and then. Or just have our conference called pluck right into the ears in order to avoid the office fuss. Le Cord took classic headphones & cables to another level, turning them into a stylish accessory. Our pick is definitely this tiny piece of gold. le cord 6. Molly iPhone Cover - Bees Black by Stine Goya  Our boss lady Frederikke literally runs our shoe world from her phone - she's on it nearly non-stop. So a durable but a very beautiful phone cover is an essential. It's also the perfect stocking filler or a tiny gift from the heart. stine goya 7. Bits and Bobs Clear by Hay  An office table can turn into a crazy explosive mess at any time. We all have probably experienced trying to tidy up our desk but still having to deal with these little bits and bobs which simply don't seem to belong anywhere?! Danish design powerhouse Hay just came up with this stylish, sheer glass plates to store those items in, making them look like a design accessory, which will be appreciated by any lady in the office or a studio. christmas gifts for a business woman 8. Radiance Boost Duo - The Skin Perfecting Duo Set by Caudalie As bad as it is, some days we simply don't manage to get the much-needed sleep and hope for some magic to happen on our faces, with every stare into the mirror. Caudalie's skin boosting duo is a perfect beauty gift for a busy lady - it makes sure her tired self will be back to glowing again! caudalie 9. Dixie Aska Watch by Triwa Is there really something to say about a need to have a nice, good quality watch? Watches are not only useful but they're also THE accessory to have. They simply compliment every business look and elevate the more casual one. What we love particularly about this watch is that it's not so feminine at a first glance, it has a bit of masculine touch, and we are kind of in love with that! Taking the best of both worlds, right?! triwa watch 10. Leather A5 Envelope Purse by &otherstories Picking things up really quickly and heading out of the office - that's probably everyone's office routine. This burgundy leather clutch is a beautiful piece and it can fit in phone, small tablet, papers or whatever a boss lady needs with her. It's all love! Read more: Gift ideas for her - a fashionista friend andotherstories Read more: Gift guide for your man roccamore ♥