Gift guide for your man

Picking up the perfect gift for your man can be a tricky one - so we're here to make the dilemma easier! Many of us get so lost in the game of picking up the great gift for a guy - especially those of us who know as much about what's trending in the men's world as the guys know about our make-up routine. Are we right or are we right?
It's also more fun for us and him to see a different kind of present. Not the good old PJs set and a shaving gel (even though they do come very handy!). So here are the very trendy, up-to-date and rather original gifts for any better half:

1. Striped Oxford Shirt by Labfresh 

Labfresh is a sustainable, slow-fashion brand which is nailing technology. They design functional clothing which is easier to take care of than ever before. Honestly, we were quite mindblown when we first spotted it. The thing is that Labfresh is using technology which blocks out all fluids and bacteria before they even enter the fabric, without ruining the clothe's softness. Magic, isn't it? We picked this classic white-blue striped shirt - a perfect wardrobe stable which can be easily dressed up or dressed down!
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Christmas gift for him

2. Holscher socks by URU Design

Socks are a gift which we all went for at some point during Christmas time. It can easily be the most boring present ever - but also the funniest and most creative one! URU Design came up with a creative way how to never let your man have that one sock left alone, missing a pair. These socks are all unique but yet all of them match each other. How genius?  These colourful socks will also elevate even the most classic, business casual outfit of your better half!
gift for him

3. MARK I M1 Watch by Recwatches

A classic watch is indeed a gift you can't go wrong with - but a watch made from old car parts is not just a nice gift. We think it's awesome. No two watches by Recwatches are identical which makes your gift rather unique. This one contains a part from the body of a salvaged Mini Cooper. The design resembles an old heritage brand with a modern twist. A classic, but yet such an innovative piece. It's a must-have.

4. Bamboo Toothbrush Set by OrganicBasics

The impact of fast-fashion or any other fast-consumer industry on the environment is very clear. Therefore we love seeing more and more brands standing up and making a choice to produce high quality, organic and environment-friendly products. OrganicBasics create wardrobe staples, underwear and accessories made from the best materials possible. This bamboo toothbrush set caught our eye as it's such a small thing, but as we use it on a daily basis - we should think about materials it's made of. A great accessory gift for you guy - gentle to our planet and his teeth, and oh so stylish!

5. No.1 Eau de Parfum by Barberians

Barberians is a Scandinavian brand which took shaving and beard-trimming back in time, made it all so classic and way more stylish again. Their shaving and skin-care sets are just a pure class. So if your guy is the type who's growing a beard - have a look on their page! However, we got absolutely carried away by their perfume for him. Woody and earthy, yet so classic. Get him one and you won't go wrong.

6. Acton Bluetooth Speaker by Marshall

Do we even need to talk about this? Every home needs a good sound so you can play the cheesiest hits and dance to them like there is no tomorrow. Your man will surely appreciate a good speaker as well - what's better than a glass of wine and your favourite tune anyway? (Well, maybe a glass of wine and your favourite shoes, but that's a whole another story!). We think this piece is a perfect fit for any home - a classic, vintage speaker wrapped in a beige leather cover. A beauty for the eyes and every musical soul.

7. Experience by DuGlemmerDetAldrig

If you want to go less materialistic this year, giving an experience to your beloved one is the way to go. Nothing will probably ever beat time well spent with those we love and this way you can not only take your man for a great trip but maybe set it up with other family members and go all together. It's entirely up to you and we're sure you'll have a blast!
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