March 22, 2018
Get Style Inspiration From our Shoelovers
Some of our fantastic roccamore shoelovers has shown us some of their favorite outfits. Author and lecturer Pernille Aalund, author and critic Leonora Christina Skov and dentist and besteste best shoelover Thea Irbil joined us for a coffee and a girls talk. See their style choices and get inspired ❤

Shoelovers Style Choices

Pernille Aalund at Assistens Cemetery Pernille Aalund & Lisa Lake Leonora Christina Skov & Ella at Frederiksberg Leonora Christina Skov & Ella Thea Irbil & Diva Diva Thea Irbil & Diva Diva Leonora Christina Skov & Tallulah Belle at Frederiksberg Leonora Christina Skov & Tallulah Belle Pernille Aalund at Jægersborggade Pernille Aalund & Electric Ann Thea Irbil Thea Irbil & Miss Presley Pernille Aalund & Midnight Daisy at Jægersborggade Pernille Aalund & Midnight Daisy roccamore ?
Frederikke Schmidt

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