'Blocking' About the Fall Collection

With the fall collection 2017 two new models will be added to the roccamore family. A block heel pump and a new feisty boot. Maybe you've already seen the block heel pump on Facebook or Instagram?  It comes in four different colors, and one of them even has a sparkling, golden heel ? - and uhh, there is a RED one ?? We've created this new model to give you a shoe with more stability and comfort. The plateau heel will also feel lower than the heel on e.g. Hope and Annastasia, even though they are the same length. Combined with the insoles and ankle straps this will make the shoe feel more comfortable compared to other shoes. roccamore Fall Collection 2017

Naming the Ladies

All the new ladies have been named after your personal heroines. You wrote your personal stories telling us about your favorite women, and you chose the names Ninna Rose and Lovely Lili for the rosa and the black shoe. The Shoelovers named the gold heeled shoe Ella - to celebrate the jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald. Author Leonora Christina Skov immediately fell in love with the red shoe, and she named it Tallulah Belle after her personal heroine the flamboyant actress Tallulah Bankhead.

Suede Leather & Ankle Straps

Most of the new shoes are made out of suede leather. Suede is a fantastic shoe material because this leather is so soft and it adapts quickly to your feet, and gives you a perfect fit. For increased stability and beautiful ankles we've finished the shoe off with an ankle strap. This will hold your foot firmly in place and give a more confident stride. We also used the ankle strap on e.g. Hope and Annastasia, This shoe is build on the same model, but it has a shorter heel with 5, 5 cm length. roccamore Fall Collection 2017

New Feisty Ladies Arriving

Don't you just love Electric Ann and the other boots designed on this model? We do too! And we now we want more boots! So say hello to these new ladies. A feisty pair with an attitude. Ready to rock. The boots are available in two colors: black and midnight blue. We asked all of you to name the black boot, and we got such a massive response and so many good stories, so we decided to name it Foxy Lady as a tribute to all of your favorite women. We're still looking for a name for the midnight blue boot, but until we find the perfect name she's our Midnight Princess. Fall Collection 2017 roccamore ❤