A Story of Hope

Every month we name one of our shoes after an inspiring woman, nominated by our community. This month you can meet Lisa, who is fighting human trafficking. We chose to name our shoe Hope after her. Hope Hope; to want something to happen or be true and to believe that achieving it is not impossible even in the face of hardship. That is the essence of the work of Lisa Samuelsen, the Founder and director of the social enterprise Eden Ministry. That’s why we have chosen to name one of the roccamore-ladies after her.

Fighting Human Trafficking

Through the Eden Ministry, she works to stop human trafficking and sexual exploitation in Asia’s red light districts by giving the women housing, skills training, personal counselling and not least – jobs in the jewelry industry. Hope “When my family and I first came to Asia to start our life there. I noticed these women sitting around in what looked like hair salons except there were no hairdressers. So I asked people ‘who are these women? Where do they come from?’ And they answered: ‘they are trafficked women."
“I could not let them go. My mind kept wondering towards them and how I could help these exploited human beings who were so obviously being robbed of their lives."
Being a trained psychotherapist and ordained minister, Lisa found the answer in her job. She had the skills to heal the wounds of pimps and prostitutes, who suffered extreme trauma. The church provided a calm, safe environment for healing and replacing hopelessness with hope. The result was Eden Ministry that today operates in Myanmar, China and Hong Kong.

Inspiring Confidence

At roccamore we salute women like Lisa, who use their personal strengths to help those in need. Hope is the embodiment of this, encouraging women everywhere to put on their heels, go out, and change the world. Enjoy! roccamore  ? Hope