A Shoe-Survival Guide For Distortion

Distortion is the most ultimate extravagant street-party out there and it's a major happening during from 30 May - 3 June in Copenhagen, which celebrates “Copenhagen Street Life and New Dance Music”. Each day - new part of the city hosts the street fest, but basically the whole city of Copenhagen turns into a giant party. 

We do love a good party, however, with 80.000-100.000 visitors per day it can get pretty crowded. 


Everybody who has been in a crowd like this knows how your shoes look after just a few minutes (not to talk about your poor feet being stamped on). Which is why we have created a shoe-survival guide for you during Distortion. 


If you have your roccamore shoes's best interest, we only have one simple advise for you to follow during the Copenhagen music festival Distortion: 


It is sad, but true. Your roccamores will simply not survive in this crowd of people. However, if you really feel like dancing with your roccamores during Distortion, you are more than welcome to come by our showroom at Vester Voldgade 96 for a little dance off


So, even though we love a cool party and dance music, if you want to keep your shoes well and alive, we recommend you to escape the city, just for the weekend ;)

Looking for more ways to take care of your shoes? Here is a link to our ULTIMATE shoe care guide :)