Chic, French, Stylish and Amazing meet roccamore ambassador Pamela

Meet our wonderful ambassador, Pamela!

Pamela is French, lives in Malta, and has a second home in Paris. She is a busy woman, who travels a lot back and forth, but most of the time she’s in Malta with her family. Pamela is a strong and cool business woman with a great passion for shoes. She works with high-end brands and has immense experience within the fashion industry; selling brands like Fendi, Chloé and Marc Jacobs from her own stores. Most recently Pamela became an agent for the luxury brand DeWitt, which produces exclusive luxurious watches.

When asked about what her greatest accomplishment is, the answer was quite clear; her two kids! For her family is the most important thing in life – it’s for them she does everything. It’s clear that this is where she gets her energy and inspiration from. Pamela is definitely a strong and powerful woman, who knows what she wants – and we are so happy she’s one of roccamore’s wonderful ambassadors!

Pamela often wears high heels as she feel more confident with heels than with flats – it makes her feel unbeatable :-) She does find that comfortable heels are really really important – which is also one of the main reasons why she chose to be an ambassador for roccamore. “I’m 1,75 and already tall, so I prefer to wear flats instead of wearing uncomfortable high heels – and many women can’t walk in high heels, so to me women should rather be wearing flats than walking like ducks!”  High heels have benefits such as making your legs look more beautiful, you look skinnier wearing high heels and they gives you a great posture – which are some of the reasons why Pamela loves to wear high heels. When choosing a pair of high heels she always looks at the style and the details, as it’s important to be able to wear the shoes to almost everything – “Normally, when I choose heels, I buy ones I can combine with different outfits.” She always wears minimum 12cm high heels – sometimes even up till 15cm – “to me it’s all or nothing”.


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