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Answers to some of your questions!

After a very successful Kickstarter campaign, where we have been overwhelmed with support and positive feedback, we have also started receiving some criticism and questions. Here are some of the most common ones.


1. If this is so easy, why has no one done it before?

2. Isn’t it wrong to say that you make orthopaedic shoes, when they are high heeled?

3. Your shoes are quite expensive, why is it so?

One of the core values set from the beginning is to be very transparent of what we do, and obviously, while this is still quite new for us, we are fully aware that we are where we are right now because of all the wonderful customers, who help and believe in us. Therefore we would like to repay you with our honesty and answer the questions above.

If this is so easy, why has no one done it before?

Well – it is not that easy, we have worked with the concept and prototyping for years, and it is quite expensive to start a production of shoes. Additionally, from the very beginning we had to convince people that when we say “comfortable shoes” we don’t mean boring shoes.

There has been a trend for quite some time that high heels should not be comfortable, and some of the top designers have even publicly admitted that their shoes were NOT comfortable, but they still manage to be amongst the most expensive and popular designers in the world.

However, the times are changing, and in the past year we have seen a huge boom in backpacks, cross-body bags, wedge sneakers and the users are beginning to demand, not to suffer in their heels, so clearly our timing has been very important as well.

Last but not least, years of studies, testing and strong eye for design, have ultimately created what you can see now. And believe us, we can NOT wait for you to try these girls on.


Isn’t it wrong to say that you make orthopaedic shoes, when they are high heeled?

Let us clear this one out. Our shoes are NOT orthopedically correct shoes, but have orthopaedic insoles. Our shoes shall and will NOT replace running/practical and ergonomic correct shoes. Our shoes are an ALTERNATIVE for normal high heeled shoes, but additionally the foot gets the support and foundation that you know from sports shoes. But wearing high heels will always be unnatural for your feet, therefore for obvious reasons we will never be able to compensate for that.

Your shoes are quite expensive, why is it so?

When we started our company, and realized that there was a HUGE demand for more comfortable high heeled shoes, we also discussed a lot about the quality of the shoes. And after countless focus groups and online questionnaires, we could see that people would rather pay little bit more for good quality shoes.

For us the material is just as essential as the comfort and the design. We use high-quality leather in/on/under the shoes, and we do not want to compromise the quality. Slippery plastic soles are very uncomfortable, and if we started replacing any material for cheaper one, it would ruin our whole concept, therefore, we prioritised the high quality. And we are sure, that when you will get the shoes on, you will agree as well.

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